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    Laboratory Pure water system
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    1、 Overview of laboratory pure water system:

    Luwohuayu lwhy laboratory pure water system has compact structure and high cost performance, which is suitable for automatic water supply of laboratory basic water, experimental equipment and industrial equipment, and can be used for strict analysis and test water after upgrading.

    2、 Application scope of laboratory pure water system:

    Primary pure water: water used for cleaning glassware and water cultivation, as water for ultra pure water system, high pressure sterilization system, artificial environment room, steam generator, and preparation of conventional reagents;

    Intermediate pure water (upgrade): flame atomic absorption, general tissue and cell culture, cell and tissue structure preparation, electron photography, spectropolarization, water quality analysis, immunocytochemistry, electrophysiology, electrochemistry, HPLC, etc.

    3、 Laboratory Pure water system features:

    1. Efficient output volume and output power ratio

    The volume of zkrw laboratory pure water system is only the size of a common computer host, but it has a water yield of 60L / h for single-stage reverse osmosis (s Series) and 40L / h for double-stage reverse osmosis (R Series), and the operating power is only 50-100w.

    2. Two stage RO Technology with special patent

    The advanced two-stage RO Technology of small reverse osmosis system ensures that the pure water system has outstanding advantages of high recovery rate, high desalination rate, high adaptability, high stability and extremely low operating cost.

    3. Excellent safety performance

    The whole machine is designed with water and electricity separation, low-voltage operation of DC24 V, and water leakage protection device is provided as standard; all liquid connecting components are made of environmental protection materials and have NSF (National Health Foundation) or relevant certification.

    4. Perfect system configuration

    It is equipped with quantitative water intake (real large amount of water intake unattended), filter element replacement prompt, filter element identification / protection in advance, water production statistics, qualitative water quality monitoring and other functions with strong technical characteristics and practicability.

    4、 Technical parameters of laboratory pure water system:

    1. Source water conditions: municipal tap water (temperature 5-40 ℃, pressure ≥ 1kg / cm2);

    2. Water production: s series - 10-60l / h, R series - 10-40l / h;

    3. The recovery rate of RO system is 1: s series - 30 - 60%, R - series - 20 - 30% (different according to different models);

    4. Water storage bucket: effective volume 10L / 20L / 40L / 60L optional;

    5. Primary pure water: s series - inorganic matter removal rate 96-98%, organic matter gt; 100 Dalton) and bacteria or particles gt; 0.22 μ m) removal rate > 99%; R series - conductivity ≤ 5 μ s / cm (25 ℃), stable better than the third level water standard of analytical laboratory;

    Intermediate pure water (upgrade): resistivity > 10 m Ω· cm (25 ℃), better than the first class water standard of GB / t6686-2008;

    6. Intake flow: ≥ 1.8l/min;

    7. Water quality monitoring: standard configuration qualitative resistivity automatic monitoring, optional online LCD conductivity / resistivity monitoring;

    8. Quantitative water intake: 0.1-999l, error

    9. Overall dimension: 423 × 445 × 280 mm (w × h × d), table type.

    5、 Laboratory Pure water system configuration:

    1. Standard configuration:

    The system consists of three parts: triple pretreatment; RO (or ro-di) system host; qualitative water quality monitoring device.

    2. Optional configuration:

    Di column; pressure storage tank (10-60l); external pretreatment (10 "or 20"); internal circulation system; on-line LCD water quality monitoring; UV kit; terminal filter (0.22 μ m); source water pressure relief valve; ultra pure connection components; automatic sand filter; automatic softening device, etc

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