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    Plasma deodorization device
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    1、 Low temperature plasma waste gas treatment equipment technology introduction:

    Low temperature plasma is the fourth state of matter after solid state, liquid state and gas state. When the applied voltage reaches the discharge voltage of gas, the gas is broken down and a mixture of electrons, ions, atoms and free radicals is produced. During the discharge process, although the electron temperature is very high, the temperature of heavy particles is very low, and the whole system presents a low temperature state, so it is called low temperature plasma. Low temperature plasma degradation of pollutants is to use these high-energy electrons, free radicals and other active particles and pollutants in the exhaust gas to decompose the pollutant molecules in a very short period of time, and take place various subsequent reactions to achieve the purpose of pollutant degradation.

    2、 Application scope of low temperature plasma waste gas treatment equipment:

    It is mainly used in chemical industry, papermaking industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, tire and rubber factory, automobile production, paint spraying, sewage treatment, sludge waste gas treatment, waste gas treatment, leather industry, printing factory, spice industry, feed and feeding farm, pesticide production, tobacco industry and other fields.

    There are more than 900 kinds of gas substances, including hydrogen sulfide, ammonia nitrogen, mercaptans, thioethers, indoles, benzene, nitro groups, hydrocarbons and aldehydes.

    3、 The basic process of pollutant removal is as follows

    Process 1. Direct bombardment of high energy electrons

    Process 2. Oxidation of O atom or ozone O2 + e → 2O-

    Process 3: the oxidation of OH radical H2O + e → OH + H2O + O → 2OH H H + O2 → OH + o

    Process 4. Reaction of molecular fragments with oxygen

    4、 Technical advantages of low temperature plasma waste gas treatment equipment:

    1. Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) has high electron energy and high plasma density at low temperature, which is 1500 times as high as that of conventional plasma technology (corona discharge), and can break almost all molecular chains of organic waste gas.

    2. The technical reaction speed is fast, and the flow rate of gas through the reaction zone reaches 3-15 M / s, which can also achieve good treatment effect.

    3. High degree of automation, the equipment starts and stops very quickly, and starts as soon as it is used. For some collection points with discontinuous waste gas, it can start and stop repeatedly and save cost.

    5、 Features of plasma organic waste gas purifier:

    1. High purification efficiency and stable performance.

    2. The wind resistance of the equipment is lower than or equal to 300pa, and there is no need to add air extraction equipment, so the investment is low

    3. Low operation cost and low power consumption.

    4. The maintenance is simple and the cost is low. Every 90 days is the maintenance and cleaning period.

    5. It is safe and reliable, and the equipment adopts the open discharge form, without closed high pressure and high temperature area.

    6. There is no need for activated carbon material, no saturated desorption regeneration material and no secondary pollution.

    7. Long service life, easy installation and fully automatic operation process.

    8. The air handling capacity is more than 5000-50000m3 / h (can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers
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