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    Activated carbon adsorption equipment
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    1、 Overview of activated carbon adsorption equipment:

    Activated carbon adsorption equipment is a purification equipment for treating organic waste gas and odor. Activated carbon adsorption equipment is an effective measure to remove odor, natural and synthetic dissolved organic matter and micro pollution. Most of the larger organic molecules, aromatic compounds, Haloalkynes and so on can be firmly adsorbed on the surface or in the pores of activated carbon, and have obvious removal effect on humus, synthetic organic matter and low molecular weight organic matter. As a deep purification process, activated carbon adsorption is commonly used in the final treatment of wastewater, and can also be used for the purification of long-term production water and domestic water.

    2、 Application fields of activated carbon adsorption equipment:

    The activated carbon adsorption box can be used together with spray painting room, drying room, spraying and drying room to treat organic waste gas.

    3、 Working principle of activated carbon adsorption equipment:

    1. Flow sharing section: the fq-gq series waste gas activated carbon adsorption purifier has a specially designed tuyere. The waste gas is introduced into the air inlet and diffused by the air flow. The exhaust gas is evenly distributed in the flow sharing section, so that the waste gas can enter the pretreatment section evenly.

    2. Pretreatment: multi mesh stainless mesh is used for pretreatment, which has strong adsorption and filtration capacity. The gas flow is compressed and expanded in this part, so that the large particles in the exhaust gas collide with the screen due to the inertial effect and agglomerate and filter, so that the concentration of the exhaust gas particles after the pretreatment section is greatly reduced. At the same time, other impurities can be intercepted in the pretreatment section, which also has a certain fire prevention function.

    3. Strong adsorption: the imported special waste gas filtering material is used in the strong adsorption section, so that the waste gas particles collide with the glass fiber in the material and are adsorbed, and the waste gas is further dried into powder in the filter material. When the material is saturated, it can be taken out and cleaned to be reused.

    4. (type b) deodorizing layer: special honeycomb low resistance activated carbon with large specific surface area, microporous structure, high adhesion capacity and high surface activated carbon is selected. The waste gas contacts with the porous activated carbon with large surface, and the organic solvent pollutants in the waste gas are absorbed to separate it from the gas mixture and play a purification role. The pollutants that can be effectively removed are: toluene, xylene, acetone, ethanol, ether, formaldehyde, acetic acid, ethyl ester, styrene, odor substances, etc.

    4、 Features of activated carbon adsorption equipment:

    1. The filtration form of the activated carbon adsorption device is internal filtration type, with uniform gas distribution, large filtration area, high adsorption efficiency and strong capacity;

    2. The activated carbon adsorption device has the advantages of compact structure, small floor area, simple and convenient maintenance and management, and low operation cost;

    3. The activated carbon adsorption device can simultaneously treat a variety of mixed organic waste gas;

    4. The filter material can be changed quickly and operated easily;

    5. Fully enclosed, can be used indoors and outdoors.
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