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    Spray tower treatment equipment
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    1、 Overview of spray tower treatment equipment:

    Spray tower, also known as washing tower, water washing tower, purification tower and desulfurization tower, is a common equipment in gas-liquid reaction system. Waste gas and liquid contact in reverse, and after washing, the gas can achieve purification, dust removal, cooling and other functions. At present, it is widely used in industrial acid-base waste gas treatment. Our company has nearly 10 years of experience in spray tower processing and manufacturing, and has formed a complete and mature production specification. The PP spray tower has the advantages of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, high purification rate, long service life and corrosion resistance.

    2、 Application scope of spray tower treatment equipment:

    1. Treatment of various harmful gases such as H2S, Sox, NOx, HCI, NH3, ci2, etc;

    2. Deodorization device of sewage treatment plant;

    3. Process exhaust treatment of semiconductor optoelectronic industry;

    4. Waste gas treatment of leachate storage tank in landfill site;

    5. Waste gas treatment from incinerators and industrial furnaces. Printed circuit board industry, electronic components industry electroplating, pretreatment, chemical industry, steel industry, semiconductor manufacturing industry, dye industry, etc.

    3、 Features of spray tower treatment equipment:

    1. Water washing waste gas treatment system is cheap and simple;

    2. Vertical structure is most suitable for economic space installation;

    3. It is suitable for gaseous and liquid pollution sources;

    4. Dealing with a single source of pollution;

    5. Suitable for medium and low air volume. The biggest feature of the vertical scrubber is that the raw materials in the waste gas can be recycled by combining. The air volume of the single unit is from 20m3 / min to 1500 m3 / min. the height of the scrubbing absorption zone of the core part can be adjusted according to the different gas treatment. The packing material is PP material, and the shape is multi tooth tellertte shape. The porosity reaches 95% and the specific surface area reaches 90m2 / m3; The filler of the dewatering layer is made of PP material with circular tellertte shape. The porosity reaches 95% and the specific surface area reaches 180 m2 / m3. The sprinkler head adopts pp120 degree rotation non blocking sprinkler. There are no metal components in the system. Therefore, the whole system has high acid-base resistance, and the resistance of the whole system is less than 50mmaq, which greatly saves energy consumption.

    4、 PP spray tower processing capacity:

    The treatment of acid and alkaline waste gas effectively and economically, the removal rate can be as high as 99%.
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