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    Cabinet type laboratory waste storage cabinet
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    In order to strengthen the scientific management of laboratory hazardous waste, ensure the smooth progress of teaching and scientific research, protect the life and property safety of scientific research personnel, and protect the environment, according to the relevant provisions and requirements of the national hazardous chemicals management system, our company has developed containerized container type with high technology content, high degree of automation, complete functions, reasonable design and scientific research The temporary storage cabinet type transfer station for hazardous chemical waste containers in the laboratory with centralized management and safe storage can solve the puzzle that it is difficult to build a fixed house transfer station in the laboratory industry such as universities and scientific research, so as to reduce the potential safety hazard of the laboratory.

    The temporary storage cabinet of laboratory waste is mainly composed of new sea containers; Outside the cabinet, there is a fire-proof and anti-theft front door and an emergency door. The top of the two doors is equipped with sound and light alarms such as temperature, humidity and gas concentration. Explosion proof distribution box, safety protection equipment box, weak current box, sundry toolbox and automatic control system are set. The equipment can be remotely viewed and managed by mobile phone or computer in real time. Climbing ladder is set on one side of the emergency door; The outside of the cabinet adopts double insulation structure, and the exhaust system includes check valve, muffler, waste gas purification processor, centrifugal fan, unpowered fan and other functional equipment; air inlet louvers are set on both sides of the cabinet, and the louvers are equipped with insect proof and rodent proof nets and primary effect filters that can be cleaned.

    The cabinet is equipped with explosion-proof air conditioning and monitoring system; the top of the cabinet is equipped with explosion-proof lighting, automatic fire-extinguishing system and smoke alarm system; all circuits are installed to meet the explosion-proof requirements, and explosion-proof conduit is used for wiring, and explosion-proof junction box and explosion-proof switch are used for line connector; The cabinet can be equipped with open shelf, PP acid-base cabinet, fire-proof safety cabinet, explosion-proof refrigerator, etc. according to the specific use needs of customers, the corresponding storage products can be configured; all stored products are equipped with pipeline connected waste gas treatment device; The intelligent control system can automatically start the waste gas treatment device according to the concentration of the waste gas, and the volatile waste gas is passed into the main exhaust pipe through the air duct, and then discharged after being treated by the multi-stage treatment units such as the patented photocatalytic oxidation treatment unit and the composite active adsorption unit; All electrical appliances are connected intelligently. The intelligent control system can monitor all kinds of monitoring values in the cabinet to ensure the safe storage of the cabinet. In case of emergency, the system will send SMS or voice calls to inform customers and start the sound and light alarm function. The intelligent control system has the remote control function of PC terminal and mobile app; The leakage recovery function is set in the cabinet body, and the leakage liquid can flow into the recovery barrel through the pipeline to collect and treat the leakage liquid.

    A reinforced concrete foundation platform is set outside the cabinet, which can ensure the stability of the temporary storage cabinet of laboratory waste, and the scientific and reasonable implementation of water supply and power supply, diversion, storage, leakage and grounding of the equipment; the roof of the shed is designed with two-way inclined plane of galvanized color steel plate, which is convenient for drainage and can reduce the sun's radiation on the cabinet body; it is equipped with safety fence.

    The products have obtained: environmental protection and energy-saving product certification, EU CE certification, fire and explosion-proof certification, technical invention patents
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