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    Shandong Luwo Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd  Welcome to the official website of Luwohuayu


    Plate and frame type sludge dewatering equipment
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    1、 Product overview

    Luwohuayu lwhy plate and frame type sludge filter press is a kind of intermittent solid-liquid separation equipment. It is composed of filter plates and filter frames to form a filter chamber. Under the pressure of the feed pump, the feed liquid is sent to each filter chamber, and the solid and liquid are separated through the filter medium.

    Luwo Huayu plate and frame type sludge filter press has the advantages of good separation effect, wide application range, simple operation and low investment, especially for the separation of sticky and fine materials.

    2、 Scope of application

    Luwo Huayu plate and frame type sludge filter press is widely used in chemical industry, dyestuff, petroleum, ceramics, pharmacy, food, starch, caramel paint, metallurgy and sewage treatment in various industries.

    3、 Process flow

    4、 Advantages of stacked screw sludge dehydrator

    As a solid-liquid separation equipment, plate and frame filter press has been used in industrial production for a long time. It has good separation effect and wide adaptability, especially for the separation of sticky and fine materials, it has its unique advantages.

    Plate and frame filter press is a mature dehydration equipment. Its structure is simple, easy to operate, stable, flexible selection range of filtering area, less land occupation per unit filtering area, large filtering driving force, low moisture content of filter cake, strong adaptability to materials, and suitable for all kinds of sludge.

    5、 Quality assurance:

    Warranty period of 1 year, free maintenance, free replacement of parts not damaged by the buyer;

    After the warranty period, free technical support, cost price to provide accessories


    Shandong luwo Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., a sewage treatment equipment manufacturer, is a high-tech enterprise integrating sewage treatment technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation and commissioning. It has developed and produced plate and frame sludge filter press for many years. Luwohuayu lwhy plate and frame sludge filter press has complete qualification, reliable quality, up to standard effluent and preferential price. It is your purchase plate frame The first choice of type sludge filter press. If you want to know more about sludge dehydrator technology, please feel free to contact us!

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